I washed dead bodies to survive throughout my stay abroad – Oyo State Gov, Abiola Ajimola

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Oyo State governor, Abiola Ajimobi, has revealed that he washed dead bodies for eight years to pay his tuition fees while studying abroad.

The Governor disclosed the details while addressing youths at a South-West Youths Regional Summit in Osogbo.

Image result for Oyo state governor Ajimobi said that his parents only sent him only 30 dollars all through his stay abroad, so he had to look for a way to survive.

He said that his boss told him not to be afraid of the dead bodies and charged him to always see dead bodies as iced fish. The governor thereafter, urged youths to see hard work as the only way to succeed while challenging them not to give up.

Below are his words:

“I left Nigeria in 1963 to study abroad, but throughout my stay there, I was washing dead bodies to support myself to go to school. “Whenever I got home from work, I will be weeping, remembering the number of dead bodies I washed.

My boss at work then said I should not be afraid or fear, adding that such feeling is normal for first comers. He encouraged me to always see those dead bodies as iced fish. “But against all odds, I survived and that is why I am urging youths to see hard work as the only way to success.

I am saying this to challenge the youth of our next generation not to give up. “This is our chance as youths and as Yorubas to come together to chart a successful pathway for the country.”

Ajimobi, however, urged Yoruba leaders and governors to unite for the progress of the Yoruba race.




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