Don Jazzy’s mother finally finds him a wife

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Nigerian record producer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Michael Collins Ajereh, better known as Don Jazzy’s mother has finally found a wife through her mother. But, Ooops, he seems not interested in the woman brought to him by his mother.

The 35year-old producer posted a beautiful photo of himself and his mother. He said:

My mum was like “come here I have found a wife for you”. Normal shy me I wanted to take offff . She grabbed me so tight. Lol Love you mum. @indianpicolo

Don Jazzy’s mother who once chastised him over a photo he posted on his social media timeline, seems to be so much concerned about the fact that he is not yet married.

The music mogul whose undying secret love for international music star Rihanna is not strange received a stern warning from his mother that she would not accept Rihanna as a daughter in law, after he posted a ‘photo-shopped’ image of them on bed some months ago.

After he posted the photo, his mother who now monitors him on Instagram was quick to comment :

“I don’t want this one” she wrote, rejecting Don Jazzy’s choice of love!

She also consoled herself that even though Jazzy is crazy about Riri, he will never get him. Don Jazzy also accepted that he will never get Rihanna!


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