Filipino Amateur Engineer Builds ‘Flying Car’ in His Backyard

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Kyxz Mendiola, a founding member of international dance group Philippine AllStars, transitioned from being a performer to an inventor when he began working on a prototype of his ambitious vehicle six years ago.

After having had enough of the traffic jams in the Philippines, he decided to design and build a flying car.

Cows look up confused as Mr Mendiola manoeuvres the spider-like black and red vehicle over their heads, powered by multiple propellers and electrically-charged batteries.

In a Facebook post accompanying the flight footage, he told of how he had persevered despite “disappointment, mocking and discouraging words” from people around him.

“I was prepared to fail, I was prepared to sacrifice and lose everything I saved up on,” he said, describing how he taught himself engineering and aircraft design.

The video, uploaded to Facebook at the weekend, is one of several that Mr Mendiola is using to present his ground-breaking flying car, Koncepto Millenya, to the world. In an interview, he predicted the new vehicle, which he plans to mass produce, will be a mainstream form of transport within just five years.

In his YouTube page, he wrote: “This is my Compact Electric Vtol 1seater manned multicopter.”

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