Heartbroken Nigerian man cries out after girlfriend of 5 years got pregnant for secret lover

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A Nigerian man has been left heartbroken by his girlfriend of five years after he discovered that she has been cheating on him.

A screenshot of chat messages between the unidentified couple has gone viral on social media. In the chat, it was revealed that the lady got pregnant for her secret lover who she introduced to her boyfriend as her cousin.

According to the chat, the man had walked in on the lady and her secret lover. As if that was not enough, his girlfriend revealed that the pregnancy she claimed was his, is actually for her secret lover.

The man who was heartbroken further revealed that he was the one who paid West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam while he was in the university with his own school fees. In the chat, the lady who was unapologetic also told him that all the money he has been giving her is in her mother’s account where she saved it. She claimed the total of the money is N2.7 million.

After she made the statement, the man in anger, claimed he would arrest her to get his money back from her. To cut the story short, read their chat messages below:

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