I like a man who beats me up — Tanzanian Actress, Wema

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Popular Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has spoken up about what she likes in a man.

Wema says she likes a man who disciplines her, beats her up.

Actress Wema Sepetu

The actress made the statement during her manager Neema Ndepanya’s birthday party in Salasala, Dar es Salam. Wema told Ijumaa Wikienda that she likes a man who would beat her up once in a while when she’s wrong.

She said in her language:

“Napenda mwanaume anipe kipigo kidogo siyo mwanaume mnaishi miaka yote, halafu hata kukupiga kofi kidogo hakupigi,” (I like a man who beats me up occasionally, not one I’d to spend several years with without hitting me, even just a slap). She broke into laughter after the statement.

Actress Wema Sepetu

Apparently not all woman detest abusive men, the likes of Wema Sepetu loves violent men who occasionally beats her up in the name of love.

According to Ghafla, Wema Sepetu’s body count will shock Kenyans who are condemning Kamene Goro for sleeping with 27 men, the former Tanzanian beauty queen has dated several men including popular celebs like Diamond Platnumz, late Steven Kanumba, Idris Sultan, Namibia’s Big Brother Hotshots representative Luis Munana among others.

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