‘I only wanted to see how it looks like’ – 16-year-old boy caught molesting a 2-year-old girl

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A teenage boy who was caught inserting his finger into a 2-year old girl’s private part said that he did not mean to abuse the victim but wanted to see how a female organ looks like having heard so much about it.
Say NO to child abuse of any sort
He reportedly told the police that he had heard so much about the female organ and decided to check it out in order to know why men look for women all the time. However, his action has landed him in prison after he was handed over to the police for committing rape.
The police arrested the boy (name withheld) for his ugly conduct and charged him to court after he was caught. He was said to have removed the victim’s pant and inserted his finger into it before he was caught and handed over to the police at the Gender Section of the Command, Lagos.
During interrogation, he explained that he did not penetrate the 2-year old but was only curious; only wanted to see and not abuse her. The police found him culpable and charged him before the Ogba Magistrates court for rape.
The prosecutor, Inspector Christopher John, informed the court that the defendant and the victim were minors and wanted the court to use its discretion on the matter.
The Presiding Magistrate, Mr. Peter Nwaka, ordered him to be remanded in the Remand Home and directed the prosecutor to duplicate the file and send to DPP for advice.
The names of the defendant and the 2-year old victim were withheld because they were minors. Though, it was gathered that the age will not stop the defendant from facing trial if the DPP finds him culpable and he may be jailed if he was found guilty.


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