Man faces six months in prison for posting this on his social media page. See…

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A 22-year-old man pleaded guilty to violating federal copyright law by posting the superhero flick “Deadpool” to his Facebook page days after it opened in theaters.

Trevon Maurice Franklin, a 22-year-old from Fresno, California, is accused of sharing the Ryan Reynolds blockbuster on a Facebook account under the name Tre-Von M. King.

The film was shared on the account days after Deadpool’s release in February 2016.

Following an FBI investigation, Franklin was arrested in California last June.

According to court documents, the comic book movie, which is copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp, was viewed 6,386,456 for free via the Facebook page.

Franklin, of Fresno, downloaded the Ryan Reynolds film from the free video streaming site Putlocker before uploading it to Facebook, according to his plea agreement filed in Los Angeles federal court.

A Fresno man is expected to plead guilty Thursday, June 14, 2018, to federal charges related to his uploading the movie "Deadpool" to Facebook eight days after its February 2016 release. (Courtesy photo of "Deadpool")

The sentencing position filed on 12 September claims that Franklin wrote: ‘I got the ultimate way out of this, yall might be surprised on how I won’t go to jail but just become more famous’, while another post read: ‘I’m just sitting back smoking out my bong laughing at these mfs who think they know what they talking I haven’t sold shit to anyone, or made copies.’

Franklin allegedly went on to create a Facebook group called Bootleg Movies and told people that he’d post more films soon.

The sentencing position reads: ‘The government recommends the high-end sentence of six months’ imprisonment, to be followed by a one-year term of supervised release, and a mandatory special assessment of $100.’

This comes after Franklin made a plea agreement in May, pleading guilty in exchange for authorities agreeing to recommending a reduced sentence.

Originally, he faced a maximum of three years in prison.


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