Nigerian Police officer dies inside office while having sex with lover

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A 56-year-old Superintendent of Police (SP), Sunday Eguakhide, has reportedly died while making love to a mother of two in his office. The incident, it was learnt occurred on August 24, about 11.30a.m., in his office at the Police College, Ikeja.

The late police officer whose corpse has been deposited at the Ikeja General Hospital mortuary, died less than a week before his retirement. While his lover has been arrested by policemen from Ikeja division and has been in detention since then, it was gathered that the deceased was fond of taking sex enhancement drugs whenever he wanted to make love with the woman known as his unofficial second wife.

The lover who denied knowing the cause of his death, was quoted as saying:

“He used to have sex with me in his office. He had already gone one round, but as usual, he was not satisfied. In fact, I told him that the drug he used to take anytime we wanted to have sex was not good for my body. I didn’t like it because I was the one that used to bear the brunt of it.

After taking the drug he would be pounding into me for a very long time and because of the drug, he usually takes long to come.

On that fateful day, after he went first round, he refused to allow me to dress. He started playing with me until his manhood became erected again. He then started making love to me again.”

She said that at some point during the act, the man began acting funny, rolled off her, then fell to the floor jerking. He was foaming at the mouth and his tongue was out. In panic, she kept screaming out his name but when he didn’t respond, she ran out of the office nearly naked to call for help. By the time help came, he was dead already.

But one of the deceased’s colleagues denied the allegation that Eguakhide died as a result of enhancement drug, saying:

“I worked closely with him at the Transport Department that was when I noticed that he was suffering from blood pressure, while the woman at the centre of the crisis is his second wife. But he married her out of wedlock. Whenever she wanted to see the husband she always comes to the office.

To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know if they were sleeping with each other in the office, but what I knew was that the woman usually comes to meet him in his office to collect money for the upkeep of her children.

He was a generous person. Our superior always warns every officer at the police college to take good care of our health. It was the junior officer who rushed him to the hospital but he died before they got to the Ikeja General Hospital. I am going to miss him because he did not hold grudge with anybody”.

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