Pastor Chris Oyakhilome accused of faking miracles in South Africa

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has been accused by members of his own church of staging miracle-healing sessions.

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According to a report from South Africa, followers have accused the Pastor of hiring people to pretend to be sick and disabled. These actors are then healed during his television shows and public prayer meetings.

The report quoted a member of the church saying;

“I was offered R10 000 to rehearse and pretend to be in a wheelchair three weeks before the all-night prayer called Night of Bliss at the Johannesburg Stadium.

The pastor told me that they were looking for people to work for the church. He said that I was going to sit in a wheelchair and be wheeled around while pretending to be physically ill. I would then stand up and walk as soon as Pastor Chris stopped praying for me.

Even children who are healthy are whisked around in wheelchairs. Some use crutches.

Everyone is allocated a person who tells the congregation about your background, your specific illness and suffering.

The pastor then raises his hands and places them maybe on your legs if you cannot walk, and a few seconds later you get up and walk around the room.”

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The source also claimed he called the church to turn down their offer.

“I just told myself that using the word of God to lie to desperate people is immoral, so I refused to take up their offer.”

Also speaking about the pay-for-miracle, another worshiper of the church, said:

“When he started healing people, I did not see him call anyone from the audience.

The source further stated that the people he ‘healed’ came from a certain section of the audience and it looked like he came with them especially for the event.

“I saw a lot of people in wheelchairs leaving the venue who had not been healed. It was very sad.”


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