Twitter permanently suspends Infowars and Alex Jones

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Barely one month after Apple, Facebook, and YouTube removed the conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, and his blog from their platforms. Twitter has just permanently suspended Infowars and Alex Jones.

Twitter said that the Infowars creator violated its “abusive behavior” rules.

Twitter determined that Jones went too far after he tweeted a video of himself confronting a CNN reporter, calling him an equivalent of “the Hitler Youth” and using other disturbing imagery to disparage him, The Verge reports.

Over the past month, Twitter has hesitated with what to do about Jones. In contrast, on August 6th, Apple banned Jones’ podcasts(although it kept the Infowars appin the App Store), YouTube deleted his channel, and Facebook wiped out multiple pages he ran. As multiple tech companies turned their backs on Jones and his hate speech toward immigrants and minorities, Twitter was the main platform left still equivocating.

In mid-August, Twitter finally admitted that Jones had violated its rules at least seven times. But still, those violations didn’t seem to merit a full ban. Twitter moved toward punishing Jones by suspending him for a week for inciting violence. In response to the inaction, users on Twitter mobilized, following a campaign started by Grab Your Wallet founder Shannon Coulter. Users were able to block a list of Fortune 500 companies through a tool and prevent their ads from appearing on timelines, as way to push Twitter to act faster.
Homepage of infowars next day after ban.

About InfoWars

InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theorist and fake news website and media platform owned by Alex Jones‘s Free Speech Systems LLC. It was founded in 1999.

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