75-year-old man loses his entire life savings to Yahoo boys

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A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share bitter experience about how his friend’s 75-year-old father lost his entire life savings to internet fraudsters popularly referred to as Yahoo boys.

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According to the twitter user, the yahoo boys used an international firm to pose as an asset management company to defraud the old man who completely fell flat and believed he was dealing with a legitimate company.

Read the story below:

“Friend’s dad just lost his whole business capital, life savings & profit to G-boys who used an international company to front as asset management firm. He is 75 years old, a wife & 6 children

His whole life’s work, gone. but sure yahoo boys are our inspiration. “If we no make the money wetin we gain, if we no buy the Benz wetin we gain” Cubana/Quilox will be lit tonight.

For one, this is a tragic event. We all agree these G-boys are the devils. What pains me more are the ENABLERS. their friends, family members, girl-friends, artists that endorse through music, police that collects bribe, their Mopol driver/escorts, they are the real EVIL.

These guys are sophisticated now, top grads/MSC holders. Me that is street smart fell for these conmen once, it had nothing to do with greed, i was just paying for a service. One used his children & wife as a bait & went through due process for weeks till money change banks.”


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