How to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria

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Sometimes things happen, and we need to get our money back for the airtime that we used for the day. Have you ever had a problem when you need to send your friend some money but mistakenly recharged your mobile bundle?

How to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria? Read on..

Convert Airtime into cash with Zoranga

Zoranga is an online platform that can help you to receive and send money without visiting bank branches at all. provides a lot of possibilities that can help you to transfer everything via airtime.

The airtime is provided and converted to your account. It`s possible to send money without visiting a bank. Just send it to any bank account that you like! That`s how easy you can convert airtime into cash! Just follow the instructions below to do that!

  1. Get to the and create your account!
  2. You will need to login to your account;
  3. Select Deposit Money option. After that, you will have three variants to choose MTN Share n Sell, Zoranga PIN, Deposit via PIN.
  4. If you have the for the Airtime, then select – Deposit via PIN;
  5. If your MTN Recharge card is loaded and you need to convert it into cash, then you need to choose MTN Share n Sell;
  6. When you select MTN Share n Sell, you will need to provide your mobile number to get your airtime in cash. Moreover, you will also need to give the exact amount of airtime that you want to send. After that, you will need to take notes of the MTN line where you will be given the instructions to transfer airtime.
  7. When you successfully enter the recharge PIN and transfer airtime, you will need to wait for five minutes and then refresh the page to check the funds added to your Zoranga account!
  8. When your deposit is confirmed – you can transfer money. Just select the Transfer Money option and enter the derails of the bank account where you want to send money. In 48 hours, you will receive the alert message.

Due to the various Zoranga charges – you may not receive the exact amount of airtime that you sent earlier. Still, you will get back at least part of your money for airtime.

There is also another option and platform that can help you to get your money. It`s called Aimtoget. It`s another platform that helps you to find out how to convert airtime to cash. Just follow the next steps:

  1. You will need to register on aimtoget where you automatically get your E-wallet;
  2. Get to your transaction menu using the website;
  3. Select the option Fund E-wallet. After that, you will need to fund your E-wallet with airtime; When your wallet is funded with airtime – you can withdraw funds to any Nigerian Bank account.


Now you know how you can quickly convert airtime into cash. It`s also possible to exchange your airtime for the money with other people. For instance, transfer or share airtime with another person on the money exchange basis. Nevertheless, you can also use the two platforms mentioned above for your airtime to money transactions. Still, you shouldn`t forget that both these websites also take charges for their services and transactions.

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