IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu explains why he ran away from Nigeria. Here is the reason

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, on Sunday said that he left Nigeria because he could not get the necessary protection from the court. Kanu vowed not to return to the federal high court in Abuja where he was standing trial before he left the country.

Kanu is facing several charges, most of which are connected to his call for the separation of southeastern Nigeria from Nigeria through the creation of an independent nation, Biafra.

The IPOB leader was first seen in the public in a prayer house in Jerusalem on Thursday after he went underground in September 2017 following Nigerian military invasion of his home.

“I did not jump bail, I left because the court failed to protect me,” Kanu said in a Facebook broadcast on Sunday

“What they are charging me does not exist. I don’t have any weapon. My only weapon is my microphone and my courage.”

Kanu was first arrested in October 2015 by the Nigerian government and was granted bail in April 2017 by Justice Binta Nyako, a judge of the federal high court in Abuja. He was granted bail after 18 months in detention.

Justice Binta Nyako ordered Kanu not to attend any rally, grant interviews or be in a gathering of more than 10 persons.

The Judge also ordered that Kanu should produce three sureties with N100 million($278,000) each, who should include a highly respected Jewish leader since, according to her, the defendant claimed Judaism as his religion.

Other bail conditions include that Kanu should produce a senior and highly placed individual of Igbo extraction and in the ranking of a senator, while the last is expected to be a respected individual resident in Abuja with proof of ownership of landed property.

Kanu, a former real estate agent in London, was also ordered to deposit his international passport, including his British passport with the court.

He was released after meeting all the bail conditions. It is, however, unclear how he traveled to Israel without his travel documents and his trial has stalled due to his consistent absence from court.

Three persons that stood surety for him were dragged to court by the Nigerian government, claiming that the separatist leader violated terms of his bail.

But his lawyer said in March that the government was in a better position to tell the court about the whereabouts of his client.

“(The government) should be in a better position to explain to court where he is.”

In a broadcast via Radio Biafra on Sunday, Kanu boasted that the Nigerian court lacks the capacity to try him.

He said the judge who has asked his sureties to produce him should have asked the army why they invaded his residence.

“Nigerian court is a Kangaroo court. I did not jump bail, I left because the court failed to protect me,” he said. “I shall not be honoring the court. I cannot be tried by a court I do not recognize.”

According to Vanguardng, Elliot Ugochukwu Ukoh, founder of ILT said Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called him Sunday morning and  briefed  him on goings on, including his travails of the past 13 months. “He told me he called a few other persons as well”, Elliot said.

According to him, “he thanked all and assured of his total commitment to the struggle for the freedom of his people.He said he has recovered fully and is now in good health. He promised that,  as already known by all and sundry, that he and his group remain completely apolitical.

He maintains that they have no interest whatsoever in partisan politics and pleads with politicians trading with his name and that of his organisation, to back off.

“He pointedly told me that they have no business whatsoever with both the APC  and the PDP.He insists he remains relentlessly apolitical and warns those hoping to hustle with his name to back down now.”

Narrating how he escaped during the invasion, he said “Two jets were hovering over and they stormed the compound and I sustained several injuries and in the process of trying to defend me, 28 men fell,” “The sole purpose of that evil dance was to kill me and members of my family. They didn’t want me to go to Abuja because they didn’t have any case against me. They were afraid they would be disgraced before the world. They decided to eliminate me instead. They know if I go to court, that very country will not be the same again.

“I am Nnamdi Kanu, no mortal flesh can kill me. They have not given birth to that very person. Since they didn’t want me to come to court, I shall come back to Biafra land. There is nobody who can accuse IPOB of engaging in any form of lawlessness. I am in Israel. “This same court that granted me bail stood by and watched as the army disobeyed court order. The army in contempt of court court came to kill me. I was in my home preparing to go to Abuja for my case when they came to kill me. They even killed Jack, our dog. They killed my cousin, Adaku and 28 others. The notion that I jumped bail is a fallacy, a lie and a deceit. It is untenable in law.”


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