Melania Trump visits Malawi in her tour of four African nations. Met few protesters

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US First Lady Melania Trump has so far been warmly welcomed on her tour of four African countries, but a few demonstrators in Malawi took the opportunity to send her a message.

The First Lady visited a primary school in Lilongwe, Malawi that once received assistance from the US, the Washington Post reported. It was the first lady’s second stop on a four-nation tour of the African continent.

Melania Trump observed several outdoor classrooms at Chipala Primary School and saw first-hand the challenges faced by educators. Just 77 teachers educate more than 8,500 students who attend the school. Many of the students must sit outside in crowds around their teacher.

Trump’s motorcade traveled along a roadside where a handful of white protesters greeted the first lady with handmade signs, including a couple that said “Me Too” and “#notashithole!”

Several months after the statement was made, Donald Trump’s comment about “shithole” countries continues seem to have continued to anger many in Africa and African-Americans. However, some African leaders, including Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, have downplayed the president’s comment.

The first lady went about her business on Thursday, probably ignoring the signs. She appeared at an event with the U.S. ambassador who handed over another 1.4 million books to Malawi officials as part of a U.S.-funded national reading program.

Don't worry! The youngster seemed slightly put off by all the attention, but was quickly cheered up by the 48-year-old who spent a few minutes chatting with her, after being presented with a bouquet of flowers
Smile! Melania Trump was seen comforting a shy little girl upon her arrival in Malawi for the second stop of her Africa tour


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