Over half a million protesters march in London to demand new Brexit vote

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Over half a million people across Britain gathered in London Saturday to demand a new Brexit referendum.

The Associated Press
A British Union flag is held aloft bearing slogans including “Democracy”, “Rule of Law”, “Liberty”, “Tolerance” and “Fish ‘n’ Chips”, during the People’s Vote March, in London, Saturday Oct. 20, 2018. Some thousands of protesters are marching through central London, Saturday, to demand a new referendum on Britain’s Brexit departure from the European Union. (Yui Mok/PA via AP)

The protest, which organizers said drew more than 670,000 people was called by People’s Vote, a group campaigning for the public to have a say on a final Brexit deal to prevent the ruling Conservative government from forcing it through Parliament.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan joined students, families, health workers and scores more for Saturday’s march, which ended with a rally at Parliament Square.

Among the protesters was “Lord of the Rings” actor Andy Serkis, who said he believes there should be a second referendum “now that people are more informed” compared to 2016, when Britons voted to pull out of the EU.

He says “the will of the people doesn’t have to stand still, it’s not an immovable thing that is fixed.”

A meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels this week, at which an agreement was to have been struck, instead ended with major hurdles to be overcome. As the March 29, 2019, deadline when Britain is to leave the EU draws closer, the twists and turns in negotiations have the general public divided, investors and businesses anxious and the pound weaker.

“Some of the promises made two years ago, clearly have not materialized. Nobody was talking about a bad Brexit deal, nobody was talking about no deal whatsoever.  The British public should have a say on whether they accept the outcome of those negotiations, with the option of staying in the EU” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in comments posted on the group’s website before the rally.


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