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Photo of Patrick Obahiagbon kneeling to beg APC delegates in Edo state has gone viral

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A photograph of standard Nigerian lawmaker, Patrick Obahiagbon, kneeling down to beg APC members is presently trending on-line.

In the picture, Patrick Obahiagbon was reportedly begging Edo state APC members to vote for him so he will be the occasion’s flagbearer in the Edo South Senatorial district election.

Patrick Obahiagbon kneeling

Journalist, Ena Ofugara, who shared the picture on-line, wrote:

“Barrister “Igodomigodo” Obahiagbon, the grandiloquent and highfalutin former legislator finds to his chagrin, discomfiture, mortification, peevishness and spleen that he should put apart his manhood, masculinity, machismo, virility and BROCUS and like a bingo that ate his masters meals, he finds he should kowtow, grovel, beseech, wheedle, brown-nose, crawl, creep, cower, snivel and prostrate to be allowed again in the home.

This is a person that strut like a colossus as he insulted Jonathan and his spouse in that period that appears so way back when there was honour in expressing private opinions and making it flowery like Obahiagbon then when he beats his chest and says “I am conversant with the utilitarian purposes to which the gavel and the mace are deployed within the existential construction of pragmatic and routine legislative rendezvous. Suffice to say that I can pontificate ad-infinitum …”

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