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Shanghai restaurant bills eight people $58,378 for dinner

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A Photo of $58,378 dinner receipt in China posted on Weibo has gone viral as netizens wonder how such is even possible.

The bill was for a meal at Maggie’s Restaurant (西郊5号), where eight people spent a whopping ¥418,245 on 20 dishes. A hand-written note on the right lower corner read ¥400,000 was actually charged to the customer named 大海 (Ocean).

The items on the receipt are:
  • Organic Pickles ¥38
  • Crispy Salty Chicken ¥98
  • Abalone with Braised Pepper ¥138
  • Snail Cooked in Sauce ¥118
  • Braised Pork with Soju ¥98
  • Fennel Roots ¥58
  • Asparagus ¥78
  • Cold Dish ¥68
  • Premium Caviar ¥5,000 x 8
  • Half Abalone with Sake Jelly ¥12,800 x 8
  • Yangtze River Crab ¥2,800 x 8
  • Duck with Olive ¥2,888
  • Salt-seared Miyazaki Steak ¥1,580 x 8
  • Shrimp Roe with Crispy Sea Cucumber ¥398 x 8
  • Crocodile Tail Soup ¥16,800
  • Wild Yellow Croaker ¥15,800 x 7.4
  • Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce ¥5,800 x 8
  • Boiled Giant Conch ¥1,580 x 8.6
  • Xiahehe ¥58 x 8
  • Zhonghua Cigarette ¥88
  • Chauffeur’s meal ¥550
  • Double Flavor Cake in Wine Sauce ¥38 x 8
  • Yunnan Dianhong Tea ¥568
  • Coke ¥18 x 8
  • Orange Juice ¥268
  • Service fee ¥379,44.60

The most expensive item was the Crocodile Tail Soup at ¥16,800 ($2,454), and the restaurant also charged a service fee of ¥379,44.60 ($5,542). Aside from the meal, they also brought alcohol and drinks worth ¥480,000. The receipt was posted by Weibo user @Snake_Kane who also included photos of the dishes, but later deleted both posts.

A video of the chef cooking the dinner is now circulating online. The chef claimed the salt plate used in cooking the steak is 2,000 years old.

When contacted by the press, staff at Maggie’s Restaurant claimed the receipt was fake and they don’t offer some of the dishes on the receipt. However, the owner and chef at the restaurant, Sun Zhaoguo, later admitted they did serve the ¥400,000 dinner. Sun said he cooked the meal for a customer from Dubai and his friends. “That’s nothing at all in Dubai,” Sun said.

On September 19, officers from Changning District Market Regulation came to the restaurant to investigate the incident but no updates have been released so far.


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