These Six Jobs Are In Hot Demand This Year

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If you are thinking about getting a new job or changing job, these positions and industries are hot roles this year according to latest report. Scroll down for details.

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1. Human Resources Professionals

Also a top job in 2018, human resources professionals and organizational development specialists will continue to be in-demand next year. In light of this hiring book, there’s increased need for HR managers to handle recruiting and staffing a company with the strongest candidates. As technological advancements continue to create new jobs, HR professionals will also be needed to help employees grow and develop new skill sets.

2. Specialized Salespeople

Business is changing everyday, and with that, a company’s products and services are evolving faster than ever before. To answer to this development, corporations will need teams of in-the-know salespeople who can clearly communicate these new offerings that can be complex and niche.

3. Data Scientists

Data rules. Analysts and data scientists will continue to be in high demand when 2019 rolls around. Companies are producing and analyzing mass amounts of data on the daily, and can only grow when armed with snappy data scientists to make sense of it all. If you want to jump into a role like this, take a computer science program at a university or start with a data science crash course.

4. DevOps Engineer

With a median base pay over six figures, DevOps engineers boast a computer science (or related) background and help companies streamline operations. Not to mention, jobs in the IT industry (and roles that blend business and technology skills) will explode in 2019.

5. Occupational Therapist

If you’re looking to enter a stable field, the medical industry is a safe bet. 2019 will be no different, as more medical assistance will be needed to help an aging baby boomer generation. There will be greater need for roles like an occupational therapist, who help those injured, ill or disabled live their daily lives to the best of their ability through therapeutic use of everyday activities.

6. Senior Manager

From marketing to strategy, corporations will need to hire experienced senior managers to combat rapid business changes and digital transformations, especially in the media, entertainment and information industries.

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