Iran threatens ‘war situation’ in wake of new U.S sanctions

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Iran did not receive the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions on Monday with open arms, raising Mideast tensions as America’s maximalist approach to the Islamic Republic takes hold. A statement from the nations President Hassan Rouhani said that the nation now face a “war situation.”

The sanctions will end all economic benefits America had granted Tehran for its 2015 nuclear deal with the world powers, as long as Iran continues to abide by the deal that saw it limit its enrichment of uranium.

The new American sanctions particularly hurt Iran’s vital oil industry, a crucial source of hard currency for its anemic economy. Its national currency has plummeted over the last year, sending prices for everything from mobile phones to medicine skyrocketing.

“Today, Iran is able to sell its oil and it will sell,” Rouhani said on Monday as the sanctions came in.

Speaking on the Stave TV, Rouhani promised Iranians that they would overcome the sanctions.

“We are in the war situation,” Rouhani said. “We are in the economic war situation. We are confronting a bullying enemy. We have to stand to win.”

The Trump administration claims that it’s decision to restore sanctions “is the sea change the Middle East has been waiting for,” he said.


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