Woman fired first day at a new job because of her Facebook post. See the post

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Facebook is free to join and is beneficial in many ways, but to Kaitlyn Walls, Facebook threw her out of work.

Kaitlyn Walls, a 30-year-old mom who lives in The Colony, a suburb north of Dallas, told CBS-DFW that she was fired the day her new job was supposed to start, over a post that read,

“I start my new job today, but I absolutely hate working at day care.” She followed that up with, “Lol, it’s all good, I just really hate being around a lot of kids.”

Daycare: Walls said that after posting her negative opinion about working at the Child Development Center in Colony she lost her job before even starting 

According to posts on Walls’ page—again, Kaitlyn, please make those private ASAP—the drama seems to have started on her own page, then spread widely via a yard sale group on Facebook. The group has more than 8,000 members and, in the way of small towns, looks to be a bazaar for gossip and shit-starting as much as it is a place to sell old lawnmowers. Walls told CBS that she was immediately flooded with insults, mostly other women calling her a “dumb bitch” or accusing her of having “bubonic plague,” for some reason.

“Oh man I made a big mistake,” Walls wrote on Facebook yesterday. “I’m so sad. I feel like a failure here looking at my daughter crying because I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to find a job because of my own stupidity.”

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That’s one interpretation. The other is that a bunch of suburban busybodies with literally nothing else to do hounded a woman out of a job she needed. Walls told CBS she doesn’t actually hate children. “I was just venting.

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