24 Ebola patients escape treatment center in Congo raising fears that the virus may spread

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24 patients have fled an Ebola treatment center in Beni, DRC’s health ministry said.

Ambulances drive into an attacked ebola treatment center during protest by demonstrators over their exclusion from the presidential election in Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The patients had to flee when it came under attack by people protesting the cancellation of Sunday’s presidential election in the Eastern city.

Ministry spokeswoman Jessica Ilunga told Reuters that 17 of the patients had already tested negative for Ebola, while seven had not yet been tested.

Ilunga said that three patients had already returned to the center while health workers were in contact with 17 others to coordinate their return.

Health officials have addresses and phone numbers for the remaining four, she added.

The Ebola outbreak that has spread around the region since August is believed to have killed more than 350 people to date.


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