Offset’s alleged mistress apologizes to Cardi B for sleeping with her husband. ‘I didn’t know how serious the marriage was’, she said

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The woman with whom Offset allegedly had sex with not long before his wife Cardi B gave birth, says she’s very sorry, and never wanted to be a homewrecker.  Cardi B and Offset have reportedly split because of the incident.

Summer Bunni cried openly while telling TMZ that she feels guilty about having sex with Offset. She said it was never her intention and she didn’t know how serious Offset and Cardi B’s marriage was.

According to TMZ, Summer Bunni is the woman Offset allegedly asked to arrange a threesome that would include rapper Cuban Doll.

Summer said she hasn’t done it again with Offset since Cardi had their baby, Kulture, but still feels ashamed for playing any role in breaking up their marriage.


Bunny apologized to Cardi in the video and said she hopes Cardi and Offset will get back together.

Cardi says she and her “baby daddy” are still friends, but the love is gone.

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