Five Italian hotel employees accused of gang raping British woman on holiday (Photos)

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The five Italian hotel workers accused of gang-raping a British woman on holiday after her drink was spiked have been pictured. Their photos originally shared by Dailymail are shown below.

Raffaele Regio has been charged with rape at the Italian seaside resort of Meta di Sorrento, south of Naples

The 50-year-old victim claims her drink was spiked on the last night of their holiday in the Italian seaside resort of Meta di Sorrento, south of Naples, and that a group of men who worked at the hotel brutally raped her.

Antonino Miniero, Gennaro Davide Gargiulo, Raffaele Regio, Francesco Ciro D’Antonio and Fabio De Virgilio, identified in photos published in Italian media, all deny rape, claiming the sex was consensual.

Antonino Miniero has been charged with rape at the Italian seaside resort of Meta di Sorrento, south of Naples

The victim and her 26-year-old daughter had travelled from Kent, southern England, to Sorrento in Italy in October 2016, in the wake of the recent death of the former’s husband.

Prosecutors say the victim was taken to a room close to the swimming pool where she was raped several times by the men before stumbling back to her room at the Hotel Alimuri.

Fabio De Virgilio has been accused of raping a 50-year-old British woman at hotel where they worked with their co-accused

Her 26-year-old daughter, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she felt unwell after the pair were given drinks by the accused after eating in the hotel restaurant, and went to the toilet to throw up, but when she returned, her mother had vanished.

She described the lead-up and aftermath of the brutal attack as the trial of the men opened in Italy yesterday.

Davide Gennaro Gargiulo has been accused of raping a 50-year-old British woman at hotel where they worked with their co-accused

The court heard today how the workers, aged between 18 and 21, were caught by cops after sharing sick videos of the attack on an online chat group called ‘bad habits’.

Speaking in court today, the victim’s daughter broke down in tears as she revealed she believed her drink too was spiked.

She said: ‘My mum seemed distant and far away. She broke down in tears at the airport as we were leaving and told me everything that happened.

Francesco Ciro D’Antonio is one of the five men accused of rape at the Hotel Alimuri

‘[The night of the attack] We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and shared a bottle of wine. We were with another couple of holidaymakers.

‘The staff at the restaurant were very polite. Then one of the barmen offered my mother and I drink in some shot glasses.

A British tourist has described how she was gang-raped after her drink was spiked during a break in Sorrento (pictured) Italy

‘One of them had a tattoo on his neck. They invited us to the bar for a drink after we finished our dinner.

‘I remember having a drink and then almost immediately feeling sick. I went to the toilet and threw up. I was there for a while and when I came back my mum had disappeared.’

The alleged victim said was so shocked she did not tell police what happened until she returned home to Kent.

The 50-year-old, from Kent, was on holiday at a seaside hotel in Sorrento, southwestern Italy in October 2016 when she was subjected to the sex attackÂ

The woman reported the attack, and DNA samples and drug tests were sent to Italian investigators.

They revealed a high level of the sedative benzodiazepines but lawyers for the five defendants claim the victim was on tranquillisers following the death of her husband.

But her daughter told the court: ‘My mum has never taken any medicine like that.’

Police were led to the suspects using a photograph of the bartenders taken by the woman and the crown tattoo which she remembered seeing on one of their necks.

Sorrento is a popular tourist destination in the south of Italy for its views of the Bay of Naples and access to the Amalfi Coast and island of Capri.

The men are on trial at Torre Annunziata Court, according to Mirror

The trial continues.

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