VIDEO: Intense fight broke out at a McDonald’s restaurant

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An intense fight broke out between a male customer and a female employee at a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the second day of the New year, 2019.

The fighting started after a male customer attacked a female employee. Video captured at the scene shows 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor grabbing employee Yasmine James, who fights back with a flurry of punches.

It’s unclear what caused the fight to break out, but Taylor seemed to be upset as he was picking up his tray of food.

According to Nypost, a woman who filmed the encounter said the fight broke out after Taylor was unable to find a straw in the restaurant and was told by James that customers by law must ask for straws.

In a viral video of the incident, Daniel Taylor is seen grabbing Yasmine James by the shirt with both hands and pulling her toward him. She then starts punching him as he holds on. The two go at it for about 20 seconds before the other employees intervene.

Watch the video below



The employee was not fired. Police say on his way out Taylor also kicked another employee in the stomach. The customer was arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery.


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