50-year old Nigerian man kills lover’s dad who demanded N3m ($8,200) compensation for sleeping with her

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A 50-year-old Nigerian man was Friday arrested for killing his lover’s father.

Atekha Iyare, a vulcanizer was arrested for killing the father of his lover who allegedly demanded the sum of N3m ($8,200) as compensation after Atekha Iyare slept with his daughter.

Iyare allegedly killed Matthew Idahosa, a 50-year-old palm wine seller, in Oza, Edo State, Nigeria. Idahosa was said to have been bitter that Iyare slept with his daughter.

The suspect said he was shocked that the girl’s father said he would not marry his lover even if he pay the N3m. He said the girl is a student and that both of them were lovers.

According to a report by TheNation, the suspect said he fled from the village when late Matthew was using policemen to harass him after the love affair bubble burst.

He said, “I thought the father had forgiven me because I ate rice in their house on Christmas Day. The father brought policemen and the matter was being settled. I ran to the bush when the man threatened to kill me if I did not pay the money. They told him to give me his daughter if I paid the money but he said no.

When hunger was too much, I came out and decided to face the consequences. The man saw me while going to the farm and we started fighting. He held a gun while I held a wood.

When I managed to get the cutlass from him, I cut him on the face and ran away with his motorcycle to avoid arrest. I was arrested by vigilante in Afuze.”


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