Rapist devil worshipper complains inside jail over religious discrimination

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A rapist devil worshipper has cried out in jail that he is being discriminated against for his “religious” beliefs.

Pedro Evangelou

Twisted Pedro Evangelou, 44, says he is being harassed by other inmates about his occult beliefs and satanic tattoos, Mirror reports.

He was jailed for nine years in 2017 for raping a teen clubber in his flat – which he had turned into a shrine to evil.

The fiend has described him-self as a “Luciferian” satanist.

A prison source said:

“He stands out like a sore thumb with an upside down pentagram tattoo on his forehead. It’s made him a target.

“Rapists are generally the lowest of the low in the prison, but add in a person who believes in ritual magic and pretending to be evil and it creates problems with other prisoners just trying to get on with serving their sentence.

“Other prisoners don’t want to deal with his spouting nonsense about Satan. But he’s been complaining he’s being treated unfairly because of his beliefs and appearance.”

The upside-down pentagram is a sign of evil. Similarly, Evangelou has been pictured wear-ing a satanic inverted cross and skull necklace.

Devil worship has existed in Britain for centuries and 1,893 Satanists were counted in the 2011 census.

Evangelou met his victim at a club near his home in Islington, North London in 2016.

His room was covered in satanic posters and crammed with books on black magic. The victim got to a window and mouthed “help” to a passerby.

She then managed to flee and ran out into the street.

The Prison Service said it had no record of a formal complaint of harassment or violence made by Evangelou, who is held in a London jail.


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