Video of Nigerian woman begging for money in Canada has gone viral

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Check out the viral video that recently emerged online. The video shows a Nigerian woman based in Toronto Canada who was lambasted by a man who felt disgusted at her for leaving her country to beg for money in a foreign land.

In the video, the woman revealed how she left Nigeria to have ‘a good life’ abroad. She claimed to have finished from York University in Toronto, Canada and even got a job which has ended.

She also revealed that the Canadian government pays her but the money is small as she has to pay for her rent, take care of her son and that things have been difficult for them.

When she was asked why she can’t have a good life in Nigeria, the woman said the economy is bad and that the leaders are corrupt.

The man also blasted Nigeria as he berated citizens for leaving their country to seek for better life abroad rather than take care of their own country. What do you say about her? And, should the man embarrass her this way?

Watch the video below



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