Viral video shows female teacher and student fighting in school

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A viral video has emerged online showing the moment a female teacher and a student had an altercation that turned into a heavy fight.

It is not yet clear what caused the fight but the teacher can be heard telling the crowd just before the fight started:

“Do you see this? I’m going to press charges”

Viral video shows teacher and student fighting dirty in school as other students try to intervene

They continued exchanging words until it turned physical and they began throwing punches.

Students rushed to stop the fight but were unsuccessful.

The student said to the teacher at one point:

Bitch I’ll kill you. Do you know that? I’ll fu***** kill you.

The girl bit the teacher’s hand and spat in her face.

Some have blamed the teacher for bringing herself so low to fight a student. But some have said that students have become so disrespectful, thereby making it hard for teachers to ignore them.

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