Election results can lead to heart problem and stroke- Cardiologist warns

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A Cardiology consultant, Dr. Raheem Moronkola, who works at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria has advised politicians to take care of their health to avoid heart-related conditions after the outcome of elections.

According to Moronkola, politicians, especially those above 50 years old, should go for regular medical checkup, and ensure that they comply with their medications.

In his words, “there are a lot of health complications that can occur in politicians and people who are really interested in politics after the release of election results. Most of them may have heart-related issues they are nursing or treating such as hypertension, diabetes and so on, before elections.

“During elections period, some of them hardly sleep, which can degenerate into heart-related conditions, especially if they fail to comply  with their doctor’s advice on drugs usage. It can also lead to emotional stress which may affect their heart and develop to stroke after hearing the results.

“We should also realize that it is not only those that lost the elections that can develop heart-related conditions. Those that won elections too can develop an attack due to sudden joy and happiness which can cause sudden heart failure,’’ Moronkola said.

He advised politicians to add health awareness and screening to their election campaign, especially for those above 40 years old.

“Adults above 40 years should try to know their blood pressure numbers in order to detect any irregularity. It is very important for them to have adequate knowledge of the dangers surrounding irregular medical checkup and what can lead to serious heart diseases. Those with family history of heart-related diseases should continue to go for constant screening to ensure prevention,’’ he said.

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