Facebook top executives announce resignation. Here is the reason

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In just a day after Facebook suffered the biggest downtime in its history, two of Facebook’s top executives and potential successors to Mark Zuckerberg, have quit their job.

Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer (left) and Mark Zuckerber, Facebook ‘s Chief Executive Officer(right)

They are leaving after disagreements with the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg,  over the future of Facebook

According to people involved in the situation, disagreement arose due to Mr. Zuckerberg’s asserting control over Facebook and other apps — Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — by rolling out a plan to integrate the services into a single privacy-focused platform.

The integration will be a huge shift for Facebook, which has traditionally encouraged people to publicly share posts, videos and photos. Top Executives at Facebook who had run the various services were reportedly concerned that integrating the apps would affect the popularity and growth of their individual products, Nytimes reports. The executives were also worried that with Mr. Zuckerberg exerting more control, they could lose autonomy and power, according to sources.

Chris Daniels, the head of WhatsApp

The two top executives that are leaving are Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer and a member of Mr. Zuckerberg’s inner circle; and Chris Daniels, 43, the head of WhatsApp.

Chris Cox,36, provided a clue on Thursday about the disagreement. In a public post about his departure, he wrote,

“As Mark has outlined, we are turning a new page in our product direction,” wrote Mr. Cox, 36. “This will be a big project and we will need leaders who are excited to see the new direction through.”


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