Saudi Arabia is heading for a record-breaking number of public executions this year

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With the increasing rate of public executions, Saudi Arabia seems to be heading for record breaking number of beheadings in 2019.

Mounds erected in a public square in Abha, Saudi Arabia ready for the public execution of seven men.

In just three months (January – March 2019), the desert kingdom have reportedly executed nothing less than 43 people already. The most recent was a Syrian man who was put to death on March 13th for smuggling amphetamine pills.

Twenty one people were executed for drug offences, while others were beheaded for various crimes such as adultery, renouncing Islam, treason, espionage, burglary, murder, terrorism, rape or espionage.

If the current rate of executions in Saudi Arabia continues, hundreds of people in Saudi Arabia will be beheaded by the end of 2019.

Presently, Saudi Arabia is still in third place behind China and Iran, where between 249 and 285 people respectively were executed in 2018. In 4th and 5th place are Iraq and Pakistan.

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