Unemployed man wins $273m lotto 5 months after divorce, ex-wife reacts

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Unemployed man from New Jersey who got divorced not long ago won a whopping $273 million mega millions jackpot this week, but his ex-wife claims his newly inflated bank balance won’t be enough to buy back her affections.

Weirsky narrowly avoided missing out on the winnings after he left the ticket behind in a New Jersey gas station

Mike Weirsky, 54, was confirmed as the Mega Millions Jackpot winner on Thursday, but his former partner Eileen Murray says she still doesn’t regret ending their marriage of 15 years in October 2018.

Speaking with New York Post, she said,

“He’s not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money,”

The pair divorced in October last year after 15 years of marriage. Towards the end of their relationship, Murray says the now multi-millionaire was unemployed (pictured in 2009)

She also told the New York Post that she paid spousal support and continues to make payments.

“I’m not going after anything. I have morals. I know what I’ve worked for and its everything that I have,” she said.

Murray’s ex-husband said he’d been actively searching for a job over the last year but never received an interview, the Daily Mail reported.

He said he left his two tickets he purchased at the store and a “good Samaritan” reportedly handed them over to the clerk.

“I’m looking for the guy that handed them in,” Weirsky told the Mail. “I’m gonna give him something.”

Murray says she hopes her former lover ‘does the right thing’, but she doesn’t expect him to be forthcoming with cash

In a press conference on Thursday, Weirsky claimed his ex-wife had called him after the news broke of his new-found fortune.

However, Murray said she never called him and doesn’t plan on speaking to him in any capacity for at least a few months.

‘He’ll think I’m there with my hand out and I have no intention to do that,’ she told the Post.

‘I truly wish him well…though I know he doesn’t believe that,’ she added. ‘I want him to surround himself with good people. I don’t think anybody should be taken advantage of.’


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