VIDEO: JAMB lesson teacher filmed assaulting one of his female students in Lagos

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Viral video emerged online showing the moment a JAMB lesson teacher was assaulting one of his female students. The incident happened in Lagos Nigeria.

The video was originally shared online by Instagram user glambykora. She wrote

“Her only problem was him constantly beating her on her head. But this teacher wouldn’t listen, saying she has no right to tell him where he should flog her on… She attends Jamb lessons their… i don’t care what she did..

No one has the right to hit a student that way.

I asked a student there for the teacher’s name ( the boy on the red shirt) and he says the girl deserves to be beaten.. I was Shocked ?. Like for real!! This is right to him… Addressing any situation with violence. Shit!! I thank God he isn’t my kid brother… Violence is Never the ANSWER!! Never

These youngsters can’t be made to believe that violence is the only way..!! In 2019.

This happened in No 13 Simisola Estate, off olufemi street on Ogulana drive, Surulere,Lagos-Nigeria.Zee Lessons”

VIDEO: This video is currently trending for obvious reasons

JAMB, which means The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. It conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities. Every year, many students in Nigeria voluntarily register for private classes to prepare themselves for the exam.

Watch the video below:


The video attracted several reactions online by Nigerian internet users.

See some reactions below:

Primusqueen: And who is the idiot in Red that couldn’t stop the guy, rather went to block the girl from camera. I am in shock, that they all stood there and watch that man maltreat the young lady,hmm what could be the girl’s crime or who is that man. We Nigerians shaa

Pastormildred: I’m just confused as to why no one but you tried to stop the violence. And you were too far away.

Cynthiajoe007: @ozone_phoenix even if the lady is a lunatic.. Her tutor isn’t meant to hit her the way he did… We all wrote jamb and went to jamb lessons #sorry excuse of time wastage… They don’t flog at those centres.. Your mojeed is a violent man

Purpleheart_vintage: This is why you hear children are beaten to death. Hitting on the head can cause trauma. Even death. He needs to be arrested too.

Pearl_babes: Nonsense! Using cane on the head of a student? That man is pouring his frustration on the poor girl, dig deep you will find out that he probably made some advances and she refused

Aac416: Well done, I hope the appropriate authorities look into this and take the necessary action. What a coward Nawa o.


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