VIDEO: Little Nigerian girl vows to deal with her school after she was sent home over school fees debt

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The video below shows the moment a little Nigerian girl was sent back home from class for not paying school fees. It happened in Sapele Delta State, Nigeria.

This is a norm at many elementary and secondary schools in Nigeria. Children are punished for their parent’s inability to pay their school fees. Sometimes they are whipped, other times they are sent back home. The idea behind this is still unclear.  Why should children be punished for their parents inability to pay school fees?

In the video below, the little girl who wanted to remain in class and learn with others told a passerby in Nigerian pidgin English that it would have been better for them to flog or whip her than send her back home

Her frustration appeared to be from the fact that she was sent away, despite her plans to make payments. Walking away, she vowed to show the school ‘real stubbornness’.

‘Not that I won’t pay….I will pay the fees…’, the child can be heard saying

Watch the video below


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