VIDEO: Police arrest woman who stripped and flogged another woman over allegations of infidelity

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This is an update to the news and video we posted earlier about a Nigerian lady who stripped and flogged another woman she allegedly caught sleeping with her sister’s husband. Read the story and watch the video through this link

Left – Right: Ogochukwu Nwankwo, Ifeanyi Azotani, Tochukwu Azotani, and the victim, Ogochukwu Okafor

The police in Anambra State Nigeria have arrested the woman, Tochukwu Azotani and her friend, Ogochukwu Nwankwo, who made the video, and the husband, Ifeanyi Azotani, who they said invited the victim, Ogochukwu Okafor, to his house.

The police said that the suspects recorded the incident and circulated it on the internet to humiliate the woman.

According to the police, the victim reported the matter to the Central Police Station, Awka.

The victim claimed that on March 19 at about 11:36 a.m, she was invited by her male Facebook friend, Ifeanyi Azotani, to his house at Ezimezi village in Amawbia.

“All of a sudden a woman who claimed to be his wife, Azotani Tochukwu, appeared in the house with her friend, Ogochukwu Nwankwo, and locked her inside the bathroom for almost four hours and left.”

The police said the women later came back with whip and opened the bathroom.

“However, while the suspect’s friend, one Ogochukwu Nwankwo, stripped her and flogged her severally, the principal suspect was busy videotaping the incident and thereafter pushed her out from the compound naked.”

Police further stated that the victim also alleged that Mrs Azotani called her on phone the following day and demanded N60,000 or they would post her nude video on the internet.

“Consequently, when the complainant refused to pay the money as requested, the principal suspect Azotani Tochukwu actualized her threat and posted the naked video to the internet and since then the video went viral”.

“Case under investigation after which suspects would be charged to court for prosecution”, police said.

Watch the videos below




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