VIDEO: Teenage girl who admitted to shoving her friend off Washington bridge will be jailed

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The video below shows the moment Tay’Lor Smith pushed her friend Jordan Holgerson off a bridge over the Lewis River at Moulton Falls Regional Park near Vancouver, Washington, on Aug. 7, 2018. Tay’Lor Smith was 18 at the time while her friend was 16 then.

The incident was captured on a cellphone video that went viral on social media at that time.

As can be seen on the video, Jordan Holgerson plunged the equivalent of three stories before belly-flopping into the water below. Authorities said she suffered “significant injuries” including six broken ribs, a punctured lung and air bubbles in her chest, authorities said.

Smith pleaded guilty in court to a charge of reckless endangerment, which is considered a gross misdemeanor that is punishable by up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $5,000.

She will spend two days in jail. Once completed, Smith will also serve an additional 38 days on a work crew.

Jordan’s mother had asked the court to lock up Smith for “as many days in jail as her daughter” spent in the hospital. However, the judge only sentenced Smith to jail for 48 hours.

Watch video of the incident below


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