American rapper, Kanye West wants to start a church

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Kim Kardashian on Wednesday revealed that her husband Kanye West has a vision of starting a Church.

Kanye West is seen having jam sessions lately with his choir and has been doing it every Sunday for some months now according to reports.

The crowds his ‘services’ are drawing is said to have inspired Kanye to explore the option of starting his own church.

“He is extremely passionate about his faith and wants to share it more regularly with people,” sources say. “He spends a lot of time studying and praying, and wants to share his journey.”

“Say what you want about Kanye, but he really does want to help people who need support,” the source adds. “He understands brokenness and the need for healing, probably more than most people. He believes in the healing powers of music, but also believes that God can step in and heal people’s brokenness and their issues.”

Kim Kardashian confirmed the statement in her Instagram post shown below. She wrote:

“COACHELLA 2019. Sunday Service was so special to experience here at Coachella especially for my first time here! Kanye started Sunday Service for healing for himself and his close friends and family. He had this vision of starting a church for few years and it was magical seeing everyone else get to experience it. I’m so proud of you babe for doing exactly whats in your heart. The choir and band work so hard and have so much fun! It’s so inspiring to watch. Thank you to everyone who woke up early to spend Easter Sunday with us. It’s a memory we will cherish forever.”


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