Court orders identical twin brothers to pay child support together after they refused to reveal who among them fathered a girl

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Two identical twin brothers from Brazil have been ordered to pay child support together for refusing to tell who among them impregnated a woman who gave birth to a baby girl

Judge Filipe Luís Peruca, in the central state of Goiás, Brazil said that since paternity could not be established, both men would have to take care of the child together.

According to Daily Mail, the two men had refused to tell the court who among them impregnated the woman in a plot to avoid paying anything at all.

A DNA tests were conducted but they failed to reveal the child’s true father because the brothers were identical twins.

DNA tests were unable to prove which man had fathered the girl because their genetic makeup was too similar

‘One of them is acting in bad faith in order to hide the fact that he is the father. Such vile behavior cannot be tolerated by the law,’ wrote the judge in the town of Cachoeira Alta.

The judge also said that the two men had removed the young girl’s right to know who her biological father was.

The judge further ruled that the names of both men would be on the girl’s birth certificate, and they will each have to pay 230 reais; ($60; £45) a month, or 30% of the minimum salary in Brazil, as maintenance – double the amount of normal maintenance payments.

According to reports, the twin brothers names have not been disclosed for legal reasons, and were only referred to in court as Fernando and Fabrício.


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