Thai Government threatens death sentence for tourists taking selfies at beach near airport

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Thai tourists beware! Thai government have threatened to punish tourists who take selfies pretending to touch planes, with a death sentence.

Tourists have been warned they could be sentenced to death for taking selfies at a popular Thai beach known for its close encounters with incoming planes

According to Dailymail, a beach close to a busy airport on Phuket in the country’s south has become a popular attraction with holidaymakers because of its proximity to the island’s airport.

The end of the beach near the runway will soon fall under a newly developed 'off limits' safety zone

Thai aviation authorities claim that those taking photos may cause plane crashes and announced plans to shut off a section of the beach to stop pilots becoming distracted by the activities of the tourists.

Mr Kaeothaithiam believes tourists who take selfies on the beach are adding to the constant movement, which is increasingly becoming a serious concern

Phuket locals, however, disagree by saying if the beach was closed it would stop tourists coming to the island.

Despite being popular for those wanting to capture an up close photo with an incoming plane, the 'selfie runway' has become a distraction for pilots

“If the beach is closed, we will have serious problems because many tourists simply will not come,’ said Winai Sae-io, head of a local entrepreneurial stimulus program. I want (Airports of Thailand, which operates Phuket International Airport) to look at us and support locals in making (a) living here, too.”

Taking photos at Mai Khao Beach, which is about 60 meters away from Phuket International Airport, may soon be illegal


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