VIDEO: African women try to escape after being raped and tortured in Kuwait

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A new video went viral today on Facebook showing some African women running to hide at various corners of a building. The incident reportedly happened in Kuwait.

The women, who traveled for greener pastures were allegedly locked up and raped in ‘contract houses’ in the Middle East.

The video shows the moment the women were trying to escape from the foster homes by climbing the walls. Some of the women were also injured in the process.

A Facebook user, John Dahl who originally shared the video, wrote:

There is currently a horrible scene on the side of Kuwait. Indeed, young African women locked up, tortured and raped in foster homes more known under the name of “” contract houses “” tried to escape by climbing the walls of these ” Underworld ” to escape this slavery Characterized. Only, many of them fractured the members and made serious injuries in their quest for freedom.

Watch the video below

There have been several reported cases such as this happening in the Middle East. In September 2018, we shared news about a Nigerian teenager, Beauty John, who made shocking revelations about how she was forced to sleep with 20-25 men everyday in her determination to migrate to Europe in search of greener pastures. Read the story through this link

“I slept with 20-25 men everyday” – Nigerian teenager sold into slavery in Libya


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