VIDEO: Hilarious! Watch the moment African girl had her first-time flight

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A video of an African girl who had her first ever flight has gone viral on internet.

The video shows the visibly terrified girl repeatedly wiping tears inside the plane.

She was reportedly filmed by a fellow passenger who sat close to her and found her behavior rather funny.

In the video, originally shared by a Facebook user, the girl can be seen crying and shaking while looking through the aircraft’s window. She felt unease as she held the seat in front of her ‘praying in her mind’ for the plane to land safely so she can get out of there.

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“The Plane is going up”, the girl said in response to a question asked by a fellow passenger who obviously wanted to know if she’s okay.

The Facebook user who shared the video – didn’t reveal the city where the plane took off or the identity of the girl.

Watch the video below


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