VIDEO: Zimbabwean pastor locks lips with female church member in front of other church members

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A video showing Zimbabwean Church pastor locking lips with a female church member went viral online on Tuesday.

In the video shown below, the pastor is seen embracing a woman in a pink dress in front of other church members and locking lips with her for a very long time to ‘rid her body of demons’ as they said.

Sources say that the pastor had preached to them about the soul during church sermon in Zimbabwe. Thereafter, he proceeded to demonstrate before them how the spirit can be cleansed by locking lips with the young woman.

In what appears like a romantic movie, the kiss went on for a long time as church members continued to watch. Some members can be seen holding themselves in shock as they kept watching

One online user who commented after watching the video asked: “I wonder if he does the same to his male congregates?”

Watch the video below and share your thoughts.


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