Woman calls police upon seeing a man withdrawing cash from ATM using ‘cardless transaction’

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Lol, when you thought you’ve seen and heard it all, something else comes up!

A young man identified as Azeez Morufu, was on Tuesday April 9 spotted withdrawing money from an ATM in Ibadan Nigeria without using MasterCard. Upon seeing him, a local resident who knew nothing about Cardless ATM powered by Mastercard immediately called police thinking she has caught a thief!

Lol! Man who withdrew cash from an ATM using

The woman, who drew the attention of others to the scene said she became suspicious when she saw a man in dirty clothes withdrawing huge amount of money from ATM without card.  Still believing that the man was a thief, she said that the man has been handed over to police at Iyaganku division Ibadan.

The incident happened at an ATM location behind Ibadan zonal headquarters of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) on Oba Adebimpe Road, Dugbe.

In his statement, the young man who was handed over to the Police told them that he has a code which he always input on the ATM to dispense cash without a card.

It is unclear when he was let go by police. Lol

The incident generated many reactions from Nigerian internet users who made fun of the local Ibadan residents over their lack of knowledge of Cardless transaction.

Lol! Man who withdrew cash from an ATM using


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