Man caught on camera raping a woman inside police station

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What’s this world turning into? Rape inside police station.

A 25-year-old man from Alaska was Monday arrested after he was caught on camera raping an unconscious woman inside a local police station in Alaska. The man said he thought what he did was “adventurous.”

Devan Thomas Gage, 25, was arrested Monday at the Fairbanks Police Department station and told officers he thought it would be ‘adventurous’ to rape an incapacitated woman in a police station, authorities said. Photo source: Dailymail

According to a statement released by the City of Fairbanks, Devan Thomas Gage, a father of two,  was arrested at the Fairbank Police Department station after officers were alerted by an emergency dispatcher who raised alarm that security cameras had caught sexual assault inside the station’s vestibule.

After Police pull the young man off the unconscious woman, he told them told that he thought it would be “adventurous” to rape an incapacitated woman at the police station. Gage said he acted “really just out of boredom,” the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported Tuesday, citing court documents.

An emergency dispatcher alerted officers after security cameras caught the assault in the station vestibule at approximately 4.30am (pictured is the police station)

When Gage was pulled off the woman by officers, the woman began to slowly regain consciousness, according to reports. She appeared confused and became emotional. She told police she never consented to sex with Gage.

According to report, Gage and the woman entered the police department on Monday at about 4 a.m, and after slipping a lost debit card under the close front-desk window, the woman entered the vestibule to warm up.

On Facebook, a woman claiming to be the mother of his two sons said that the man suffered from mental illness but has a history doing these kind of acts

Devan Thomas Gage reportedly told officers he was sober. He said he did not have any mental or medical problems and had been with the woman all night.

A breath test for alcohol showed the woman registered 0.3% while Gage registered at 0%. Officers say they found an empty bottle of vodka in Gage’s pocket.

Police said the woman was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment.



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