Florida executes serial killer Bobby Joe Long who killed 10 women

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Bobby Joe Long, a serial killer who terrorized Tampa Bay area of Florida killing at least ten women in 1984 was executed on Thursday, officials say. His execution was witnessed by a woman who survived one of his attacks.

Bobby Joe Long, 65, was put to death through lethal injection at the Florida State Prison in Railford on Thursday night after his final appeals were denied by the U.S. Supreme Court. Long did not say last words, but simply closed his eyes as the procedure was performed.

Long reportedly raped dozens of women in the early 1980s and was nicknamed the Classified Ad Rapist because of the way he found his victims through local newspapers. He would reply to ads offering household goods. If he found a woman who was home alone, he’d rape her, according to reports.

Long’s violent spree later escalated to murder in 1984. He was convicted of killing at least 10 women within eight months, many of them he reportedly strangled and some he had their throats slit or were bludgeoned to death.

Photo source: learning-history.com

In 2018, a total of 25 people were executed in the United States. This includes two men in Tennessee who were executed by electric chair.

Long’s execution on Thursday has raised the total number of people so far executed in the United States in 2019 to 8


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