Gym trainer impregnates twin sisters he met at the gym

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A young American man, Keonyae Banks, went viral after announcing very happily that he impregnated twin sisters Nia and Nydia.

Many girls are known to be jealous when their man gives his attention to another girl. Apparently, the situation is different in this case as the twin sisters don’t seem to mind having the same baby daddy. But it is left for them to figure out how child support would work in this situation or if the twin sisters intend to marry the same man. American law does not permit two wives for one man.

According to MTO News, Keonyae met the twin sisters at a gym where he was their personal trainer. At first, Keonyae started dating Nia and over time, he started talking to her sister Nydia also.

Before people could notice what was going on, twin sister Nia was already pregnant. Keonyae turned his attention to her sister Nydia and impregnated her in just a month later!

In his Instagram post which has long been deleted, the overly excited young man shared the news while bragging about being the first to do it.

He wrote; “I bet ima the only nigg* y’all know with twin baby mommas and both kool wit it #goat I need a show blood”

Twin sisters pregnant


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