VIDEO: Hilarious! Boy runs backward instead of forward in a relay race after getting a baton

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This is really a very funny video, and I can’t stop laughing. This boy just wasted all the efforts of the team to win the prize!

The little boy in the video was among those chosen to run a relay race for their team. Their team was already winning as seen in the video. As soon as he was given the baton to run forward and cross the finish line for the team, he started running backward and ended up wasting all the efforts and the hard work of others. Lol

The funniest part of the whole thing is that he was running very fast, that even the House master or referee couldn’t catch up with him

Many internet users have been compared this to the state of the economy of some countries especially those who have new presidents. Instead of continuing with the successes of the past administration, the new president ends up taking the whole country backward thereby wasting the efforts of past presidents.

What do y’all say? Watch the video and share your thoughts


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