VIDEO: Nigerian man walks away on his wedding day, shouting “I no do again”

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When you thought you’ve seen it all, something else springs up on internet.

A wedding day is supposed to be a happy day but to one Nigerian couple, the day was something else.

Family members and invited guests were in shock when a Nigerian man went agog like someone who was suddenly attacked by some forces.

In the video below, the man all of a sudden quit the wedding at the entrance of the Church shouting that he is no longer interested with the wedding his wife. He can be seen shouting “I no do again” as he walked away from the wedding venue. The heartbroken bride can be seen chasing him with other guests to know his reasons.

It is unclear why the man behaved that way, but there unconfirmed reports that the he got information that the bride was cheating on him, hence his sudden awkward reaction on their big day. Some internet users have also said that the video could just be a drama to get the attention of passersby.

The incident reportedly happened in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is certainly the weirdest thing that can happen to anyone on his or her wedding day.

Watch the video below


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