VIDEO: Racist man attacked and vomited on a black woman in Belgium

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This is certainly disgusting!

Video below emerged online on Sunday showing a racist man who appeared to be Orthodox Jew according to source spitting and attacking a black woman with an object. Some men can be heard laughing and filming without helping the woman. The incident reportedly happened in Belgium.

The video, which was shared on Instagram by Ghanaposts started by a woman approaching the black woman to exchange pleasantries before the man dressed like a Jew then spat on her. He later attacked her by hitting her on the head with an object.

It is unclear why the user ‘Braksje leggen zegtem’, who originally posted the video typed the Lol, lol, lol sign. This is certainly not funny! The action of the racist man is disgusting and needs to be condemned. Racism is so bad and the racist man on this video should be brought to book.

Watch the video below

Belgium was one of the most brutally violent and racist countries during the colonization of Africa.

King Leopold’s reign over Congo from 1885 to 1908 was notorious for its brutality. After Leopold handed over Congo to the Belgian state, the tiny nation continued to hold sway over an area 80 times its size half a world away until Congo became independent in 1960.

The UN experts on Monday said that racism in Belgium continues today.

“(We are) concerned about the human rights situation of people of African descent in Belgium who experience racism and racial discrimination,” it said. “There is clear evidence that racial discrimination is endemic in institutions in Belgium.”(USnews)


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