Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s bodyguard pulls taser on alleged bicycle thief

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Former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger found himself in the middle of a drama after his security guard thwarted a suspected attempt to steal his precious bicycle in front of a gym center.

The incident reportedly happened Friday morning in Venice when the “Terminator” actor was leaving his favorite Gold’s Gym, where he gets his daily workouts whenever in town.

According to reports, Arnold’s security was alerted to a guy trying to take off with his beloved custom bicycle.

The bodyguard can be seen on the video holding the alleged thief while the former governor picks up his bike and poses for photographs with fans.

According to sources, the alleged thief is the one wearing a red bandana on his face as seen on the video and who appeared to be arguing with the security guard.

Los Angeles Police said they were not called for any attempted bike theft at the Gold’s Gym, so it’s unclear if there was any action taken against the man after the incident.

The incident comes in less than a month after he was dropkicked by a man in South Africa. In case you missed, read here


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